Two prayers during this trying time...

Prayer over Virus - Covid-19


Father God, I thank You and praise You for today. I thank You for Your hedge about me from the enemy and all his plans. I call down anything that has been formed against me to try and kill, steal, or destroy me. I say you have no effect on me in Jesus Name. I condemn all tongues that have risen against me in judgement. This is my right and my inheritance. I condemn any disease, virus or bacteria that would try to harm me. I command you to die in Jesus Name. You cannot and will not live on or in me because my body is the Temple of the Holy Ghost and you are a trespasser. I am established in righteousness. I speak to and command my immune system and all systems of my body to work and function properly. I am strong in the Lord and the power of His might. God's Word is working mightily in me. I am a child of the Most High God. Father forgive our nation for the sins against You. I stand in the gap and repent for our nation and all the atrocities done against You and Your creation; I repent for the murders of unborn babies. Father, please forgive it in Jesus Name and have mercy on us. Turn the hearts of our leaders to righteousness and if they're not willing to repent, then remove them and let a righteous person take their place. I am God's Ambassador and therefore I command the Covid-19 virus to die and dry up at the root in, Jesus Name. I command it to fall to the ground in this nation right now. Father have mercy on those who have been infected by this virus and heal them Lord. I come against the image of fear that is giving the power to this virus and I bind all fear that is speaking to this nation right now in Jesus Name. Cleanse us Lord and heal our land in Jesus Mighty Name. Amen.




Prayer for Protection (Psalm 91)


Father, I praise You and I thank You for today. Thank You that your mercies are new every morning for me. Father I choose to dwell in Your secret place today because You are the most high and there is no other able to stand next to you. Thank You Father God that I am abiding under Your shadow which is my defence. I say Lord, You are my refuge and my fortress, You are my God and I trust in You only, not man. You say You will deliver me from the snare of the fowler and from the noisome pestilence. I will not fear the suddenlies that happen around me and I will not fear the rushing plagues around me either. I am covered with Your feathers and under Your wings I trust. Your truth, and only Your truth, is my shield and buckler. I am established in Your truth; it is my foundation that will never be shaken. I am stable in You Lord. I am not afraid for the terror by night; even though it may come suddenly, it will not affect me. I am not afraid of the arrow that flieth by day; these arrows will not pierce me in Jesus Name. I am not afraid of the pestilence that walks about in the dark. I am not afraid of the destruction that wastes at the noon day. Lord, I realize these are all spirits that come to kill, steal, and destroy. Lord, You say that You came to bring life and to bring it more abundantly and that's what I want and what I have in Jesus Name. I may see thousands falling from these things around me but I will not be moved by that because You say it will not come near me. My eyes will see the reward of the wicked but that is not my reward I have a reward in you Lord that you will give me at your appearing. Because I have made the Most High my habitation, there will be no evil or plague even coming near me because my dwelling place is God Almighty. Lord, You say Your angels are in charge over me, to keep me in all my ways. No matter where I go, what I see, what I hear, and people I encounter, I am kept of the Lord and His Mighty Warring Angels. My foot will not even be allowed to be dashed against a stone because your angels will lift me up with their hands. I am treading upon the lion and the adder, they are under my feet. I trample, in the Name of Jesus, the young lion and the dragon under my feet. My love is set and fixed upon the Lord Jesus Christ and no other. Your Word says because of this Lord, You will deliver me and set me on high because I know Your Name intimately. When I call you answer. You are with me no matter where I go. My body is your Temple. I am equipped with what you have given me to fight the enemy with. I am delivered right now, in Jesus Name. You even say that you will honour me; You have given me long life that is satisfying. I see Your salvation, Father God, and I thank You that no weapon formed against me shall prosper. It is of no effect to me. Every tongue that has risen against me in judgement, I condemn all of them right now in Jesus Name. This is my right given to me by God Almighty; it is my heritage and I take it to me. I am established in righteousness because my righteousness is of God in Christ Jesus. I am far from oppression and terror. I will not fear. None of these shall even come near me in Jesus Name. Amen.



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